Prime Excavating of Victoria is your go to local Excavating Contractor serving Victoria, TX and the surrounding areas with Commercial Excavation, Residential Excavation, Site Prep, Land Clearing, Grading, Utility Excavation, Backfilling and more.

Trenching in Victoria, TX

Our professional trenching services are everything you need to get the job done correctly and safely. Prime Excavating of Victoria is well-versed with all of our machinery and the precision that is required for a successful trench digging project. We have worked hard to streamline our trenching services and keep our costs low. We want to be the easy choice whenever you find yourself in need of trenching, which is why we promise never to overcharge for the services we offer.

We are always happy to consult with prospective clients about how we can handle their job, so feel free to reach out to us with any questions you have.

Best Trenching Company Victoria, TX

Our Different  Types of Trenching Services:

Gas Mains

We provide clients with a highly qualified team of experienced and professional field personnel for our gas line trenching service. Rest assured that the job will be done properly.


Whether it’s transmission lines, gathering systems or just local pipeline service Prime Excavating of Victoria has the equipment and manpower to get in and get the job done safely and economically.

Water Mains

Your exterior water service line carries water from the public water main into your home. Once the pipes run under your property, they are your responsibility. If anything goes wrong underground our service is the solution for your problem.


Electrical trenching is a crucial aspects of any major construction project or utility upgrade. We specialized in trenching for electrical installation. Our state-of-the-art equipment and skilled crew ensures that every job is done correctly and safely.

Communication lines

Prime Excavating of Victoria communication lines trenching using the latest technology that allow us work more quickly and more efficiently. Our skilled team will do the job in less time than other contractor using outdated equipment.

Drainage systems

We have a team of experts in place using the latest technology and heavy equipment to handle your next trenching project. Prime Excavating of Victoria specialists will work with you to determine the work needed to complete the drainage system project.

Top Rated Backfilling Company Victoria, TX
Top Rated Trenching Company Victoria, TX
Best Utility Excavation in Victoria, TX

We offer the following services:

Commercial and Residential Excavation

We provide foundation excavation services for home and commercial buildings. The process entails into the ground to set up the foundation of the building. Our team of experts ensures the land is excavated correctly so that the building stays strong.

Site Preparation

Our Site Preparation team is comprised of skilled and dedicated workers who know every component of civil and residential construction including back-filling, site grading, excavation, underground utilities and roadworks.

Land Clearing

Landowners have different reasons on why they need to clear a part of their land from their property. Maybe they want to install a beautiful landscape, home additions, a big swimming pool or other construction projects. Whatever your reason the important thing is that you hire the experts for it. To ensure you will not have a problem during and after land clearing, you should come to Prime Excavating of Victoria.

Backfilling and Grading

We are fully equipped to move dirt, rock and soil quickly and efficiently. Backfill and grading is an essential part of the construction process and is crucial to determine if you are able to move ahead with your new construction project. When you decide on having backfilling and grading services with Prime Excavating of Victoria, you can be sure that our process of leveling and grading will be done efficiently and within your timeframe. 

Utility Excavating

We strive to give quality work with great care. You, our customers, have taken pride in building up your businesses and residences, and it’s important to avoid any unnecessary damages to any visible and underground untilities. We provide digging for footings, interior plumbing, septic or sewer, power, water, and gas lines.


Trench digging services are absolutely essential to underground utility installations and repairs. Prime Excavating of Victoria have the tools and experience necessary to complete trenching services of any scope or level of difficulty. We bring unique capabilities to each trenching project.

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