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Backfilling in Victoria, TX

Backfilling is used to put back soil in trenches after a repair work, for landscaping, and for protecting foundations. Our specialized methods and equipment for backfilling allow us to fill in the void  for maximum compaction. Without proper compaction, the soil can settle over time, which can lead to cracking foundations, sinking buildings, or concrete slabs.

Prime Excavating of Victoria take precaution in protecting exposed water lines to prevent any damage to piping.

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It requires skills and knowledge of the process, understanding of soil conditions, and extensive experience in this field.

There are several backfilling methods, but the most common ones are listed below.


This is one the most common backfilling methods where soil and organic materials are compacted together to make a coarse, wet compound that is then used to fill and level the trench. In this compaction method, the soil to be put in is placed in layers called lifts.


Another common backfilling method is by using flowable fill. In this case, a fill (that is actually a cement mixture) is put back into the trench to close the void and level the soil. A whole cement truck is brought to the site of the backfilling. As the name suggests, the flowable fill is not too coarse or dry in nature and can spread over an area.


This is a popular backfill method using a specific material that hasn’t been compacted. First, the material has to be dumped in the trench, and left like that for a few hours. Later, the contractor comes back and applies pressurized water to the fill. Although this is a simpler backfill method.

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We offer the following services:

Commercial and Residential Excavation

We provide foundation excavation services for home and commercial buildings. The process entails into the ground to set up the foundation of the building. Our team of experts ensures the land is excavated correctly so that the building stays strong.

Site Preparation

Our Site Preparation team is comprised of skilled and dedicated workers who know every component of civil and residential construction including back-filling, site grading, excavation, underground utilities and roadworks.

Land Clearing

Landowners have different reasons on why they need to clear a part of their land from their property. Maybe they want to install a beautiful landscape, home additions, a big swimming pool or other construction projects. Whatever your reason the important thing is that you hire the experts for it. To ensure you will not have a problem during and after land clearing, you should come to Prime Excavating of Victoria.

Backfilling and Grading

We are fully equipped to move dirt, rock and soil quickly and efficiently. Backfill and grading is an essential part of the construction process and is crucial to determine if you are able to move ahead with your new construction project. When you decide on having backfilling and grading services with Prime Excavating of Victoria, you can be sure that our process of leveling and grading will be done efficiently and within your timeframe. 

Utility Excavating

We strive to give quality work with great care. You, our customers, have taken pride in building up your businesses and residences, and it’s important to avoid any unnecessary damages to any visible and underground untilities. We provide digging for footings, interior plumbing, septic or sewer, power, water, and gas lines.


Trench digging services are absolutely essential to underground utility installations and repairs. Prime Excavating of Victoria have the tools and experience necessary to complete trenching services of any scope or level of difficulty. We bring unique capabilities to each trenching project.

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