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Commercial Excavation

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Prime Excavating of Victoria

Prime Excavating of Victoria is your go to local Excavating Contractor serving Victoria, TX and the surrounding areas with Commercial Excavation, Residential Excavation, Site Prep, Land Clearing, Grading, Utility Excavation, Backfilling and more.

Commercial Trenching Victoria, TX


Commercial Utility Excavating Contractor Victoria, TX

Commercial Excavation

This requires the services of an experienced, capable excavation contractor who can take on the challenge of breaking ground in all types of conditions. Land excavation cost my include, Earth Work Excavation, Footing Excavation, Commercial Drainage Services, Cut and Fill Excavation, and Topsoil & Yard Excavation.

Residential Excavation

We are expert in taking care of every detail of our customer’s residential excavation projects. The less they need to worry about their sitework, the better we are doing our job. With years of experience, our team is ready to take care of all your excavating needs. From small to big residential projects, we are equipped to handle it.

Top Rated Excavating Contractor Victoria, TX
Dirt Work & Grading Victoria, TX

Site Prep

Proper site preparation is indispensable and not something you want to leave up to chance. We maintain a state-of-the-art equipment fleet, including GPS-enabled grading equipment, to ensure the highest levels of quality.

Land Clearing

We provide cost effective and all types of land clearing services to accommodate individual or commercial land clearing. We use low ground pressure rubber tracked machine leaving no deep heavily compacted tracks in the soil to deal with after clearing is complete. We clear land quickly with no mess!

Land Clearing Company Victoria, TX
Best Grading Contractor Victoria, TX


We provide the best quality service with the greatest value. Both rough and finish grading we have the equipment to complete your project.

Best Utility Excavation in Victoria, TX

Utility Excavating

This undergound utilities include, water lines, sewer, geothermal, gas and other forms of utilities that simply are not viable to be placed overhead


Our specialized methods and equipment for backfilling allow us to fill in the void for maximum compaction.

Top Rated Backfilling Company Victoria, TX


We have worked hard to streamline our trenching services and keep our costs low.

Top Rated Trenching Company Victoria, TX


We go above and beyond to provide all of our clients with a worthwhile experience. Not only will we operate with the utmost attention to detail while excavating, but we will also make sure to clear all the dirt from your property once we are done.


Backfilling Victoria, TX
Commercial Trenching Victoria, TX
Dirt Work Company Victoria, TX
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Excavation in Victoria, TX
Residential Excavation Victoria, TX
Trenching Victoria, TX
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If you need an excavation contractor and are looking for someone you can trust, we are more happy to assist you in any way we can. Just give us a call or if you would like to schedule an appointment for a consulatation and project bid, let’s set one up today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we prepare the site?

Steps Involved in Site Preparation for Construction Projects
• Site Clearing. Clearing the site is the very first step in site preparation. …
• Site Surveying. You might not be sure if you are building on the right block if survey pegs do not determine the building block. …
• Soil testing. …
• Site Plan Design. …
• Site Investigation.

Do I Need To Mark The Locations Of Any Utilities On My Property?

Yes. Property owners should take care to mark the locations of any sewer lines, electricity, gas, cable, water lines, or septic tanks prior to any debris removal or excavation services getting underway.

Is backfilling considered excavation?

Backfilling is an important part of the construction process. Backfilling happens after excavation, when the soil is compacted back into the trench or foundation. It is used to help protect foundations, roadways, walkways and other structures by using a mixture of soil, rocks, and stones.

How do you calculate cost of excavation?

o calculate excavation pricing, you need to work out the volume of soil to be excavated, in cubic feet, convert that to cubic yards, then multiply that by the price per cubic yard.

What are excavation costs?

Average Excavator Hourly Rate
A residential project costs anywhere between $50 to $200 per cubic yard, and the total cost of excavation in a residential project can run between $1445 and $5430. The hourly rate majorly depends on the project’s layout, geographical location, and challenges present in the job.

What are the steps in land clearing?

Step 1: Determine If You Need Help. …
Step 2: Research Whether a Permit is Required. …
Step 3: Establish a Budget. …
Step 4: Secure Multiple Estimates. …
Step 5: Mark and Fence Off Protected Areas. …
Step 6: Remove Existing Buildings and Structures. …
Step 7: Clear All Trees, Shrubs, and Vegetation.

Why is excavation so expensive?

A good contractor owns their own equipment. So, residential excavation costs help cover the man hours, cost of purchasing the equipment, and transportation and maintenance. These large machines can be quite expensive, which is why the excavation team needs to charge appropriately to cover the expenses.

What type of soil is best for backfill?

For draining area, sandy soil or sandy gravel is best for retaining wall backfilling material, because It cause easily water draining.